About EMC Designs

Established in 2017

EMC expertise with focus on, but not limited to, the electric vehicle industry.

Kurt Eriksson, CEO and founder

With 27 years of EMC experience from working at an accredited EMC test facility in Östersund, Kurt Eriksson ended his employment at SAAB AB in 2017 and founded EMC Designs Sweden AB.

Having worked for some of the most prominent vehicle manufacturers (among others) over the years, Kurt has gained invaluable knowledge when it comes to mitigating EMC problems for the toughest requirements with hands-on measurements and modifications.


David Håkansson, EMC engineer

After working 5 years as a receiver designer at  Ericsson AB in Stockholm, David has a lot of experience in spectrum analysis, RF metrology and electrical simulations.

When moving back to his hometown Östersund, he worked 2.5 years at SAAB AB’s EMC test facility as a test engineer, performing military and civil testing.  

He started working at EMC Designs in the beginning of 2019.


Our capabilities

  • a mechanical workshop for prototype development (lathing, milling, welding)
  • a lot of equipment for investigative measurements (spectrum analyzers, oscilloscopes, current probes, antennas)
  •  CISPR25 measurements, conducted and radiated measurements, up to 10 m (note: only for pre-compliance/investigative purposes)

Some examples

  • Customer A wanted a robust EMC design from the very start. At the mock-up project phase, they hired us for design reviews via Microsoft Teams, in order to identify weak spots in the design.
  • Customer B could not fulfill the emission requirements at the EMC test facility during a development test. … TBD